The B. Hive NFT White Paper

7/19/2022, 9:59:01 PM

A Look Into A Coffee Shop Moving towards MENA’s Leading Web 3.0 Community

Written By the B. Hive NFT Team, Mazen Jradi and Karim Saadeh


  • Overview
  • A message from the Founders and the team
  • Why a Web 3.0 HIVE
  • Roadmap
  • Team history and background
  • Business Model
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Contact details


Since we found B.Hive in 2018, we’ve attracted ambitious, like-minded Bees whose spirit inspired us to explore the Metaverse.

The B.Hive is the first coffee shop to introduce an NFT collection, giving our community and the world a way to connect and grow no matter where they are and be part of one of the first projects that is combining the physical and the digital worlds and giving ownership to holders.

The maximum NFT number will be limited to 1111. Our Digital Hubs and lands in the Sandbox will be owned by our Holders.

A message from the Founders and the team

Our journey into the Metaverse is inspired by our beloved Bees. As many of them leave the Hive and settle into new places across the globe, we want to preserve the bond that turned us into family and invite the world to join.

Our purpose is to foster a high-quality community of young professionals that inspires ambitious people to connect and thrive. We will offer our knowledge and resources to a vibrant community to inspire them to explore and thrive in the new virtual era.

With that in mind, we decided to partner up with our community and Bees from accross the world, to offer them a chance to become partners in a decentralized HIVE, a platform and an engaged community.

Together we can achieve so much!

Why a Web 3.0 HUB

We believe that the crypto and NFT market will flourish in this region along with our project.

Moreover, we believe that, becoming a Web 3 Hub will be the door for us to expand to other countries in the region.

NFTs and Web 3.0 are still in their early stages, the potential that this technology offers is unprecedented. There already is a growing demand for Web 3.0 Skills, ranging from marketing, content creation, coding, development, art, animation and community management.

We expect that NFTs and Web 3.0 will branch out and be mass implemented. The space will grow out of collections and will pour into the music industry, the film industry, into legal documents, fractionalized ownership and much more !

This is why we trust that Web 3.0 holds the biggest potential for the upcoming years, thus our motive behind dedicating the HIVE towards Web 3.0 and NFTs


PRESALE 1 — Genesis

We will release a limited number of NFTs.

OGs will be allocated up to 3 mints. Community members on the Beelist will be allocated up to 2 mints.


We will release a limited number of NFTs. There will be up to 3 additional mints per wallet.


We will release the remaining NFTs in a public sale, details TBA.

Supporting the Community:

Are you a freelancer, an artist?

We’ll promote your work at B. Hive and on our platforms.

You’ll be able to showcase and sell your creations at B. Hive.


Once a holder, you own 0.02% of the 3 sandbox lands for every NFT you hold.

Any revenue generated from these lands will be distributed accordingly.


Holders benefit from 20% on all B. Hive products and room bookings.

Investing in Ourselves:

We’ll kick off our activities with seminars that showcase experts from different fields. Learn about NFTs, crypto, Web 3.0 and all the skills needed to keep up with the new virtual era.

Holders will have access to live and virtual training sessions.

Events and Hangouts

Holders will have free exclusive access to events and hangouts that will take place frequently.

Launching Merchandise & Giveaways:

You’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive B.Hive merch, or win one of many Oculus Quest 2’s.

Developing your Meta Branches:

Busy Bees become shareholders in our Metaverse Hives.

There are three lands in The Sandbox already waiting for you!

The B.Hive will consist of three smaller Hives that will be open to our worldwide community and will become home to all events.

Hive 1: A space for events, exhibitions, talks and edutainment where you can learn and network.

Hive 2: A space for speed dating, couple and group games, where you can share the fun.

Hive 3: A space that feels like home. A replica of our B.Hive branch, where you can socialize or work in our meeting rooms and offices.

Accessing Web 3.0 Platform:

You’ll join a wide community of ambitious young professionals, where you can network, share projects, offer services and find the services you’re looking for.

Expanding our Hive:

We’ll expand with other Hubs outside Lebanon that will include a coffee shop, where Bees can grab a drink, share a meal, work, and connect, and meeting rooms where exclusive trainings will be offered, free entry level online access and discounts on all advanced courses and all B.Hive products for members.

We aim to be a leading Web 3 community.

Team history and background

We’re the Worker Bees — a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and experience, leading B. Hive into the Metaverse.

Mazen Jradi, CO- Founder and CEO

After working several years in Finance and managing diverse teams, Mazen specialized in F&B turnkey projects and founded multiple startups. Moreover, using his finance and project management skills he consulted many entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own project.

LinkedIn profile:

Dania Jradi, CO- Founder and CCO

Communication & digital marketing specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the corporate and the small-business fields. Dania is skilled at relationship-building with clients and communication across organizations and teams.

She acquired a masters in corporate communication from IE Business School in Spain. Managed 20+ digital marketing projects for corporates and small businesses

LinkeIn profile:

Karim Saadeh, Community Manager and Advisor

With a diverse and vibrant background, Karim’s whole life has revolved around people and community building. Volunteering in Numerous NGOs, hosting a podcast and leading multiple social impact initiatives, he has always worked with, for, and around a community.

With a year’s experience in the NFT space, Karim was previously a Web 3.0 service provider, as well as a community manager and advisor for multiple projects.

Business Model

In the Digital world, the Holders will benefit from the Web 3.0 platform to network, help each other and find jobs through the community.

In the Metaverse, holders have full ownership of the lands in Sandbox and the experiences that we will build on it, they will benefit from free access and from sharing the potential revenue that we will generate by renting out the lands as venues.

In the physical world, we will use our accumulated experiences in the F&B sector and in project management to establish new Hives in the region and abroad.

In Conclusion

Our aim is to grow together and expand our lovely community while securing a passive income from our operations and a growth to our NFT value.